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Of Mice and Men: Journey to their American Dream Essay

Achieving the Ameri potful dream is possible, however the determine to get there may be more than close tin can handle. In Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck shows threw different choices of settings the difficulties of achieving such a dream. George and Lenny, farsighted time friends since childhood stand the dream of witnessing and working there aver lay. They travel from t featureship to town looking for labor trying to but up enough funds. Yet e reallywhere they go it seems trouble any follows or finds them.The American dream is know by most but achieved by few. Gradu solelyy over the years the American dream has cash in ones chips the m personal staple for up and coming families. Both men and cleaning lady strive to have the white picket fence in a private town, near work, and with a good school district. Though galore(postnominal) live from paycheck to paycheck portraying as if they have the American dream when in reality its all just an illusion. Young commonwealth ar greatly influenced by family, friends, and the media. At a young long time many are told to go to college, get a good job, and to generate successful. It is drilled into the young that owning property and making life as lucky as possible is the way to go. So this is what we work so disfranchised for, never stopping on our quest to achieve the almost unachievable.Lennie and Georges vision of the American dream is simply owning their very own land. Threw discover the book it is implied that you are a respected member of society if you own land and stay in one place. Yet Lennie and George go from town to town working laborious trying to make enough money to buy land but never actually stay in one place for enough time to actually settle in one spot and buy it. If they were to have land ownership they would have the pride and respect they always wanted. In their eyes the dream meat independence and self-sufficiancy, the freedom that comes from owning land. which in turn mean s enjoying the fruits of ones own labor.-( Johnson->0 140)Society plays a big role in achieving the dream. universe on the revealskirts of society is hard enough along with Lennie always sturring up accidental trouble, society brands them outsiders, unusual, and not safe. Usually they are run out of town by the towns hatful and not given a happening to save up enough money to be able to by land let alone find land to purchase. subsequently a few times of this happening moral goes down and the dream seems far and farther away.The migrant life and its effects can take a toll. They searched for casual work wherever they can find it. George and Lennie are known as seasonal or casual workers, who went from job to job in africulture, industry, or construction.- (Johnson->1 100). Usually they do hard labor that pays very minor and dont stay long enough to get comfortable. This leaves them skin perceptiveness unwanted and mistreated. Many of the people they work with treat them like they are inconsequential.They are all wanted to do they hard labor no one else would do. Seen to be too weak to even come keep out to the American dream. curleds wife looks at them and rudely says they left(p) all the weak ones here.- (Steinbeck). Curlys wife has some dreams of her own as well. She wished to be a Hollywood actress but cant beome one because Curly is so protective of her and doesnt allow her to do anything. If she wants to make her dream come true she would have to leave Curly and all that she is familiar with behind. This would be a difficult and life ever-changing decision not to be taken lightly (Mice).Discrimination is shown a good deal throughout this book, against anyone who is different. Many times they are discriminated against because of their being drifters an not of a certain social standing. Lennie is mentally handicapped and most times his special(a) and playful side can become dangerous. He likes to touch bonny and soft things but in doing this without thinking others become frightened and softheaded by such a large burly man glide slope them and not letting go. Because of this Lennie is constantly called stupid or a break up even by George at times. George is looked at as a buck for befriending someone like that. This deprives them of the hope they need to continue to work hard and reach their goals. George expresses this when he says, I seen the guys that go around on the ranches alone. That aint no good. They dont have no fun. After a long time they get mean. They get wantin to fight all the time.(Steinbeck.17)A pitch-dark mans perspective can be much the same as a migrants. Even Curly, a disgraceful worker, wants to make it for himself but is constantly put down and disparaged because he is black and handicapped. With the mindset of being dumb, stupid and not good enough no one can move forward or accomplish anything. In the beginning and ending of the book Steinbeck uses symbolism in the largeness of the mountains compared to the smallness of George and Lennie showing the contrast between them and their dream (J.Hinds 152).Many ask the suspense can the American dream really be had? George is not very optimistic about starting up new in some other town and in that mindset finds that the worst does happen. George is forced to kill Lennie, in this he possibly realizes this is the only way to achieve his dream of owning land even if it hurts him to do this. George had always felt a certain stipulation to sticking with Lennie shown when he says, I aint got no people. Course Lennies a God damn nuisance most of the time, but you get used to goin around with a guy an you cant get rid of him. (Steinbeck 45). In this case George killing Lennie was the only way for either of them to obtain their American dream.Of Mice and Men and The American Dream. 16 May 2012 .->0 /Claudia-Durst-Johnson/e/B000APX61U/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1/187-0392986-1780919 ->1 /Claudia-Durst-Johnson/ e/B000APX61U/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1/187-0392986-1780919

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