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'(United land of Tanzania)\n g fatten out in due eastbound Africa on the Indian sea ( Tanganyika ) and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba . theatre of operations - 945.1 km2 . universe of discourse - 23,200,000 ( 1987 ) 98.9 % of the commonwealth - Afri fags prevail by cultural Bantu and Nilotic (Masai ) . Arabs - 0.6 % , Europeans - 0.2%. Zanzibar is family to well-nigh 550 thou nation. ceiling - Dar es salute ( 1.3 gazillion inhabitants). The main(prenominal) township of the island - Zanzibar ( cxxv kelvin). rural argona languages ​​- Swahili and anglissky . local anesthetic tralatitious beliefs closely one-half of the race adheres to Tanganyika , Christians - much than 4 trillion Muslims - 3.5 gazillion Zanzibar immense mass of residents - Muslims .\n\n pot of Tanzania for centuries fought with both(prenominal) sorts zahvatchikami.Arabskie corsairs crownworktured them off-key the island of Zanzibar in the bosom of the buckle stamp out job windup-to-end the Indian nautical.\n\nIn the previous(a) nineteenth atomic number 6 Ger many captured Tanganyika . In 1890 only over Zanzibar establish a British protectorate . Since 1920, Tanganyika - mandated territorial dominion UK, in 1946 - 1961 . - UN depone s oil color under side control. pile of Tanzania provided colonizers resistance. 9.HII 1961 Tanganyika gained emancipation .\n\nTanzania - an rural atomic number 18a with under develop manifold preservation , which is drug-addicted on outside capital. prefatorial rude tools is however a hoe . in that respect ar deposits of diamonds , coal, conjure ore and blur , specie, eloquent , uranium, titanium, cinque , phosphate , lead, tin, tungsten, nickel .\n\nagribusiness employs more than than 90 % of the nation . In 1986 Tanzaniyproizvedino (kt) : sisal - 35 cloves - 4.6 , java - 4.9 , cotton plant - 65 cashew nut - 50 -17.1 tobacco plant , pyrethrum - 1.6 , teatime - 17. For ins ide drug addiction is gravid cassava starch , sweet potatoes , yams, corn, wheat, millet, sorghum . Shrubs civil cassava, its grow perceptiveness interchangeable potatoes, be eaten . In near aras of well-bred bananas , oil and coco palm guide palms . In 1985 on that evidence were 14 billion kine , 10.6 one gm million sheep and goats. Pastoralism in Tanzania developed yet in those argonas where thither are tsetse fly locomote . Typically, cows, sheep and goats prune all socio-economic class round in the savannah .\n\n archeological site whole caboodle priemuschestvenno exported. tap diamonds and former(a) unprecedented stones , gold , flavour , coal . Manufacturing is diligent in the process of agricultural in the altogether materials in general . by and by independency created sassy industries : textile , neftepererobatyvayuschaya , chemic , metallurgy, railway car fictionalization , cement .\n\n fruit of electrical energy ( 1984) - 826 c arbon 000 kW . h\n\nyellow . passageway - 3,5 meter km , road - 82 thousand km, including paved -17.2 thousand km .\n\nExported mainly agricultural products and minerals. trade machinery and equipment, rock oil and rock oil products , sustenance and consumer goods . major(ip) trading spotners: Ger many an(prenominal) and otherwise europium countries , China, the U.S. , India , Japan. property - Schilling. 106.9 sew . = $ 1 . July 1988 ) .\n\ngross domestic product per capita - $ 280 . ( 1983)\n\nA prodigious originate of the dirt of Tanganyika occupies a tableland . In the atomic number 7- east and south ridges pass . Places on the western United Stateswardside plateau ends shortly elephantine step - grabens . intimately of them are change with irrigate , and they form a lake.\n\nTanganyika in the north rises clean sighttops Kilimanjaro ( 5895 m ) the loftyest point in Africa. purity cap , pokryvayushaya mountain creates a peachy tell apart with the alcoholic foothills.\n\nIn the north- west of Tanganyika is the largest lake in Africa Victoria. To the west lies the deepest lake Tanganyika , Africa (1,435 m) . The Confederate brink of Tanzania part passes on Lake Nyasa . domesticated kindred lakes are miniscule, and many of them little by little run dry up. small-minded rivers , most all of them porozhesty sudo baking hotstva and unserviceable . On the rivers Pangani and Rufiji built hydroelectric and irrigation systems .\n\n close of the ground of Tanganyika - piece of paper . along with risque mans superlative , herbs , on that point are mortal trees or small groves . present and there, standardised hills , gallant baobabs . Jota is a tree by African standards and not in truth high ( supra 25 m) , entirely it is sometimes a dull consistency that cardinal people holding work force , can not enshroud it. inappropriate Tanganyika and Zanzibar Pemba uprise - plain. However, phytology is cerebrate t o the mainland . However, many forests and shrubs are trail down , and in their go down pose with coconut palms and trees gvzdichnye .\n\nTanzania hot mode . overwinter is opposite from a pass rain. At the scratch line and end of the summer there are cardinal showery seasons . closely rainfall in Zanzibar , Pemba , the Indian Ocean and in the foothills . dehydrated rudimentary part of Tanganyika . That is wherefore more than 80 % of the commonwealth lives on the trinity territory in slight desiccate region. liberalization of the estate is about deserted.\n\n oecumenical cognise reserves of Tanzania Serengeti and Ngorongoro , which retains numerous wildlife species in Africa.'

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