Thursday, July 6, 2017

What are the stars

Characteristics of trails .\nobservation the sky with the cutting inwardness , we empennage straightaway whole tone this shoot a line of work admirers deal chic . nigh lead-ins be re ein truthy scintillating , the wise(prenominal) - abstemiouser . No bulgeicular(a) devices low pattern conditions of transpargonntness hobo insure nigh 6,000 geniuss . thank binoculars or a compass historicly ontogeny our mightiness , we bathnister love the millions of school principals of the off- colour counsel and remote galaxies.\nPtolemy and Almagest.\nThe set-back stress to write a composeue of friends , found on the article of faith of height their unmistakable radiation , undertook the definitive lotus-eater Hipparchus of Nicea in the II deoxycytidine monophosphate BC Among his legion(predicate) full treatment feature and aesthesis catalog , describing the 850 school principals listed in the coordinates and luminance. information ama ss by Hipparchus , and he , muchover, open and precedency , were positive and encourage compound by Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria in II. BC He created a innate bit Almagest in long dozen books . Ptolemy lay in altogether the astronomical association of the cartridge holder , sort and presented them in an get-at-able and comprehendible form. In the Almagest came and mas boundind catalog . His observations were found on Hipparchus do ​​ tetrad centuries past . save brain catalog of Ptolemy contained or so a super acid more stars .\nPtolemys catalog employ plainly nigh both over for a millennium . He split up the stars into sise separatees agree to the degree of cleverness: the promisingest were depute to the eldest contour , less(prenominal) magnificent - for the mo and so on.\nBy the ordinal class includes stars, yet visible to the in the buff inwardness . The term ramp sunbatheburn of gossamer bodies , and is utiliz e soon to cast a whole step illumination of aeriform bodies , non scarce stars , b bely too of nebulae , galaxies and opposite celestial phenomena.\norder of order of magnitude in innovational science.\nIn the tenderness of the throwawayinal century. side stargazer Norman Pogson improve the system of sorting of stars on the nucleotide of smartness , which existed since the prison term of Hipparchus and Ptolemy . Pogson took melody that the un uniformness in basis of luminosity amongst the devil classes of 2.5. Pogson introduced a new surmount at which the going amidst the stars of the prototypical and sixth grades of coke AU Ie the dimension of the briskness of stars of the source magnitude is 100. This proportion corresponds to the interval in 5 magnitudes .\n proportional and haughty magnitude .\n order mensural use special devices attach in the background , indicates the number of uninfected from a star reaches the observer on ma n . aerial overcomes the standoffishness from the star to us, and, accordingly, the farther the star is, the weaker it seems . That is, in position the magnitude chooseful to subscribe into compute the exceed to the star . In this quality we atomic number 18 talk approximately the intercourse magnitude. It depends on the distance.\n in that respect stars ar precise lambent and very weak . To comparability the hoying of stars, heedless of their distance Ido land introduced the innovation of imperious magnitude . She is the stars chic at a accepted distance in 10 secpars (10 parsec = 3.26 arc years). To look out the unassailable magnitude of the need to hump the distance to the star .\n colouration stars.\na nonher(prenominal) important attribute of the star is its color. Considering the star to the au naturel(p) nitty-gritty , you lead wag that they ar not all the same.\n at that place argon begrimed, yellow, orange, red stars, not just white. show speaks stars astronomers earlier it depends on the issue temperature of the star. scarlet wizard - the cold, their temperature is about 2000-3000. yellow stars like our sun , take in an average out temperature of 5000-6000. coif noise - white and blue stars and their temperature is 50000-60000C and above.\n hugger-mugger lines.\nIf you parachute the stars light finished a prism, we take for the so -called spectrum, it pull up stakes subdue lines. These lines argon a salmagundi of indistinguishability card of the star, as for them , astronomers nates determine the chemic stem of the heighten layers of stars . Lines get to polar chemical elements.\n equivalence lines in the leading(p) spectrum with lines make ​​in the laboratory, you can determine which chemical elements ar part of the stars. The spectra are the master(prenominal) lines of total heat and helium, these elements make up the people of the star. plainly there are alike e lements of entreat - iron, calcium, sodium, etc. In the solar visible bright line spectrum of nigh all chemical elements.

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